What is the SFU?

The Slavic Football Union (SFU) is a collective effort to provide English-language coverage and analysis of the leagues, clubs, and cultures of central and eastern European football.

Despite the Iron Curtain falling over twenty years ago, for many football fans the central and eastern European game remains shrouded in mystery. Troubled by the insufficient and scattered information available in English, the SFU is designed to assemble intelligent journalism devoted to football being played throughout the former Eastern Bloc countries.

The SFU’s writers cover many different leagues and national teams but share a passion to open up the region to a wider audience and offer timely news, match analyses, and features highlighting the social and historical significance of the region’s football. Whether an exposé on the Sarajevo derby, tactical reviews of the Russian Premier League, a history of the Estonian national team, or the current prospects coming out of Poland’s Ekstraklasa, the members of the SFU seek to broadcast candid stories from a geographically broad and culturally diverse set of perspectives.



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